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At Budget Watchers Academy, we are committed to providing industry leading, comprehensive and accurate training. We update our instruction materials regularly to ensure that you receive proper training in techniques and methods presently standardized in the applicable industries. Attentive, highly qualified professionals teach each of Budget Watchers Academy’s courses, willingly devoting the necessary time to help you successfully complete the intensive curriculum.

Course Curriculum  

Income Tax Preparation

The Income Tax Preparation course teaches you how to become a tax preparation specialist equipped to prepare both state and federal income tax filings for individuals. It also teaches you the current tax guidelines needed to prepare tax filings, plus it provides an overview of the documents, statements and other necessary filing materials. 

Our course is delivered in a modular approach that covers the following topics:

​    - General Materials (Module I) – 4 hours
    - Standard Deductions (Module I) – 4 hours
    - Income (Module I) – 4 hours
    - Interest and Dividends (Module I) – 4 hours
    - Earned Income Credit (Module I) – 8 hours
    - Child Care and Other Credits (Module II) – 4 hours
    - Retirement Income & Other Income Types (Module II) – 4 hours
    - Adjustments to Income (Module II) – 4 hours
    - Itemized Deductions (Module II) – 4 hours
    - Electronic Filing (Module II) - 8 hours

Upon completion of the 48 hours course graduates will receive a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.


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